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Ian Dury w Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Londyn, 1978

Ian Dury w Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, Londyn, 1978

Dury's Legacy

1. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!
That's what our Father told
If you feel rock in your soul
You don't have to read the notes
The music comes from our heart
'Cause we were born to be wild
We are like the iron man
Even on highway to hell

We're devils who feel like gods

These three words're runnin' through our veins
There's no return and no escape
Addicted to the girls and sounds
Dury's legacy is in our blood

2. Sex, drug's and rock'n'roll!
She gives whole lotta love
When sees you on a stage
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah
In a bed acts with perversion
You can get the satisfaction
She's doing it nice and slow
You should stay, you shouldn't go!

3. Sex, drug's and rock'n'roll!
We are drowning in the smoke
Break on through to the other side
With the tabs of bonanza
Brown sugar hits our heads
We don't feel no fear, no threat
Purple haze fills lungs and brains
We do not deserve a grace

Dury's legacy is not dead!

Autor: Jerry